That Fine Line Between Friendly and Stalker-Like

October 5th, 2009

As I’ve said before, I think it’s somewhat difficult to make new friends as an adult. But as I’ve also said, I have formed some of my best friendships in a single instant. Unfortunately, today I met someone who could have been my new mommy soul mate and I just could not — could not — think of any way to make a friendship overture without seeming like a total nutter. And now I will never see her again. Damn.

It happened at the zoo. Josh and I decided to take Miss Mouse on an animal adventure this weekend and as we were piling her into the stroller in the parking lot, we noticed a young couple loading up a pair of twin girls into matching front-hanging baby backpacks.

We chatted for a few minutes — their girls are also eleven months — and smiled and exchanged a few pleasantries throughout our visit whenever we bumped into each other.

And this couple just seemed great. Friendly, welcoming, laid back, not-too-cool-but-not-dorky (by which I mean they weren’t intimidating chic yuppies but neither did they give off any indication that they might secretly play Dungeons and Dragons). The girls were wearing identical knit hats that looked like pumpkins. The mom smiled a lot and interacted well with the girls. I just liked her.

Basically, these were people I could totally be friends with. Except that I can’t. Because nothing says “creepy freak” like walking up to a virtual stranger and suggesting they be your friend. There’s just no way to do that without appearing deranged, desperate, and potential dangerous.

Sigh. Ships in the night.

One response to “That Fine Line Between Friendly and Stalker-Like”

  1. prettyisa says:

    give it a little time. Once Mousey is talking at full-tilt all you'll have to say is, 'my, they get along well! would you be interested in arranging a play date?' and it'll be all set.

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