The Birthday

October 16th, 2009

Well, the big day has passed. The living room is knee-deep in wrapping paper, there’s frosting on the walls, and we had one very tired baby today. All the hallmarks of a successful birthday.

Miss Mouse enjoyed opening her birthday gifts and was a much more active participant than I had expected. She was particularly good at pulling tissue paper out of gift bags and then upending them (sometimes on her head). She also relished the opportunity to fling her new clothes from grandpa and grandma about the room and rub her face in her new soft sleeper.

We did have to pause momentarily to read Where the Wild Things Are — a gift from daddy — before proceeding.

Then it was time for cake. I had made vanilla buttermilk cupcakes (not remotely healthy or low in sugar. Just yummy) with vanilla frosting. We set a whole one before her and gazed in anticipation…

…and just kept waiting. For about ten minutes, Miss Mouse fastidiously dipped her index finger into the frosting and then licked it off, then repeated the gesture. There was no cake smashing, no frosting flinging, no two-fisted gobbling of the magical birthday feast. In fact, she didn’t like the cupcake and would spit out the cake when it made it to her mouth, caught up in the frosting.

Over time, a fair amount of white frosting did accumulate on various parts of her body and towards the end she finally consented to mash some into her hair, but on the whole she was shockingly tidy about the whole affair. I was quite surprised.

She made up for her cleanliness this noon when she dined on left over baked pasta. According to Grandpa and Grandma who were home with her, it ended up embedded in her diaper.

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