The Great Pumpkin

October 18th, 2009

The fates were conspiring against me for a while there, but I have finally succeeded in spending the afternoon with my daughter at a pumpkin patch. Score!

I absolutely love all things fall and trips to orchard and pumpkin patches are a must. I’ve been dying to introduce Miss Mouse to some of these seasonal joys but fortune has not been on my side. Last weekend, the weather was nice and I had planned to go Sunday afternoon…

…until she took a unexpectedly long (two and a half hour) nap. By the time she woke up, it was too late. I actually contemplated waking her up to take her until my level-headed husband dissuaded me.

Then yesterday the weather was horrendous and this morning wasn’t promising either. Right as church ended, though, the sun broke through and it seemed like a sign from the lord.

Mom and I bundled up the Mouse and headed to the farm. It was great! A nice hayride out to the patch and then a variety of fun activities for the kiddos. Granted, my one year old babe is a bit young for thing like pedal go-karts and corn mazes, but she liked watching all the excitement. We even went down a big slide together.

To be honest, this year’s outing was mostly a photo shoot. But in years to come, I fully expect trips to the pumpkin patch to be much-anticipated family traditions.

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