Time Passes

October 14th, 2009

With Miss Mouse’s birthday nearly upon us, I’m naturally reflecting on how fast the last year has gone. Two mom friends of mine recently said two extremely profound things about parenthood and the passage of time.

When you’re a mom, the days are slow but the years are fast.

Isn’t that weird? But it’s true. There are days when I am watching the clock and counting the minutes until I can put Miss Mouse to bed or until Josh will be home to distract her from demanding yet another recitation of her book. Or days when I just want to feed her yet another helping of vanilla yogurt rather than trying to entice her into eating the nice squash ravioli I made. Having a baby can be tedious — that’s just a fact. And yet, here we are a year later and I cannot wrap my mind around how it could possibly have happened so fast.

Motherhood is a constant cycle of joy and loss

Also true. On the one hand, I rejoice at every new thing that Miss Mouse accomplishes and learns. I am thrilled that she’s learning to walk and revel in watching her personality start to develop and shine through. And at the same time, I mourn — daily — the fact that she is less and less of a baby with each passing day. She’s becoming a little girl and she squirms out of my arms when I try to cuddle her too long. She won’t nap in my lap for hours on end and my arms ache when I carry her for long period of time.

She’s getting so big. Somebody make it stop! Let’s freeze time for just a little while. I’m not asking for her to stay a tiny baby for her whole life — how about just a few more years? No? A few more months, then. No, huh? Bummer.

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