Treats! Or not.

October 15th, 2009

As I’ve shared, I’ve been struggling heroically to come up with the perfect birthday treats for Miss Mouse to take to Day Care. I was striving for low-in-sugar-but-still-super-yummy. My first attempt failed miserably.

But last night I rallied and made some very yummy peach muffins with local, farmer’s market peaches I had stashed in my freezer at the end of the summer. Light, fluffy, fab.

They’re currently sitting in the break room at my office with a sign that says: “Eat me.”

When I arrived triumphantly at Day Care this morning, treats in hand, I was informed that they couldn’t serve homemade goodies in class because of allergy concerns. I squawked indignantly that I had asked her teacher and she had given the okay, fergoodnesssake!!

But then I replayed the conversation in my mind and realized that neither one of us had referenced “homemade.” I said: “Can parents bring in treats?” And she said, “Sure!” It never occurred to me to ask about homemade, because of course I would make them from scratch. And, apparently, it never occurred to her to mention the ban on mom-baked goodies because, who brings in homemade treats?

The whole thing makes me a bit sad, actually. I feel like we are systematically stripping away the joys of childhood out of fear and general hysteria. Was there really an epidemic of children dying as a result of birthday treats at school? I hadn’t heard about it.

And besides, if I had brought in store-bought cookies with a nice ingredient list, and there was a child with an allergy, they just wouldn’t give that kid a cookie. Simple. Wouldn’t it make more sense to apply that logic to all treats and not give any seriously allergic children the homemade goodies while letting the rest enjoy? No? Sigh.

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