A Proportional Response

November 13th, 2009

I’ve been noticing recently that there are certainly avenues of life that seem to defy the laws of proportional response (you know, the idea that the punishment should fit the crime and that one’s response to a situation should bear some relationship to the seriousness of that situation.)

For example, when it comes to curse words, proportional response is often nowhere to be seen (or heard). As a society, we’ve become pretty fond of the Big Swear Words — and the little ones just don’t satisfy our need to curse as much any more. Somehow, belting out a “dang” when you stub your toe, just doesn’t soothe the soul the way a good, heartfelt “sh*t” does.

And by and large I’m okay with that. I think fake swear words can be sort of silly. But sometimes it goes too far. Just the other night, I was driven to vociferously take the lord’s name in vain by…

…an earplug.

Yes, to my shame, you heard me right. I was struggling to get Miss Mouse’s ear plug in at bath time and it wasn’t working and I dropped the darn thing in the water, and out came the big guns of expletive expression.

And it didn’t even really hit me that this was way more than the situation called for until I looked over at my sweet husband, who was goggling at me with raised eyebrows and looking meaningfully in the direction of Miss Mouse, who was splashing about in the bath, unconcerned.

Oops. My bad.

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