Halloween Block Party

November 1st, 2009

Last year was our first Halloween not living in an apartment and we were primed and ready to fling open our doors to the trick-or-treating masses.

We waited in vain.

Our house — the very last one on a dead end street at the bottom of a pretty steep hill — is not particularly attractive to kiddos in costumes, it seems. And, really, I can’t blame them. Our neighborhood has a lot of houses close together so you can rake in a great haul of candy without exerting yourself too much.

In any case, several of our neighbors shared our sorrow at the dearth of trick-or-treaters, so this year we set up a tent and table at the top of our hill. It was pretty fun! Mercifully, the all-day rain had stopped and we got to see a bunch of kids in costumes. We grown ups sat around in between waves of kids, drinking hot apple cider and chatting.

We discovered another neighbor on a side street had a similar idea — complete with fire pit! — and next year we plan to join forces. Miss Mouse didn’t go trick-or-treating this year, but she did make an appearance at the tent for a little while so as to be admired in her giraffe ensemble.

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