Leaps and Bounds

November 15th, 2009

It continues to amaze me every time Miss Mouse learns something new — especially if I don’t witness her learning it and simply get to see the finished product. Case in point: climbing and sliding.

I took the wee mouse-ling to the park on Friday, where there is a great pint-sized jungle gym with plastic slide. I knew she liked the slides, as I had previously spent many dutiful minutes hoisting her to the top and supporting her on the way down.

On Friday, she was toddling around the play yard and made her way to the jungle gym. She headed up the stairs (which she has perfected at home) and then bee-lined for the slide. Just as I was about to intervene, lest she fling herself off, she expertly turned around, stuck her feet off the edge, and slid neatly down feet-first, on her tummy, smiling up at me as she went.

She squirmed off the bottom, marched back around, and did it again.

Yowza! I know they have similar equipment at Day Care, and I assume someone taught her the on-your-belly-feet-first sliding maneuver — it definitely appears to be the safest position for someone her size — but it was just incredible to watch for the first time.

Did I have my camera or video camera for this magical moment? No, I did not. Arg.

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