Mind Reader

November 17th, 2009

There are times when I wonder what Miss Mouse is thinking — and there are times when I know without a doubt.

Yesterday morning, it was “Mommy, why don’t you love me?”

She was in barnacle mode, and all she wanted in the world (above clean diapers, food, and oxygen) was for me to read to her. And every time I tried to end the book session and get us both ready for the day, it broke her wee tiny heart. Which, in turn, broke mine because — in point of fact — all I wanted in the world (above showering, breakfast, and my paycheck) was to snuggle her in my lap and read to her.

Instead, I tried to collect our belongings and she followed me around the house, a small weeping shadow, clutching her favorite board book to her chest and holding it up hopefully every time I turned around.

It’s a miracle I was only 20 minutes late to work.

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