Mmmm…. Sleep

November 9th, 2009

Miss Mouse is currently my favorite person in the world. Do you know why? I’ll give you a hint — Zzzzzzzzz. She was a sleeping *machine* this weekend! On Saturday morning, she didn’t wake up until just after 6am and then on Sunday, she slept in until 7:30.


I actually woke up on my own before she did Sunday morning, and there is something so incredibly refreshing about waking up because your body is done sleeping, rather than because some external force (be it alarm clock or baby wails) compels you to get up.

Miss Mouse seems to feel the same way, too. When I wake her on weekdays (usually at around 5:30), she tends to be cranky in those first moments. She’s also starving — she immediately starts making her “hungry” baby sign and usually shrieks until she’s planted in her high chair with a chunk of banana in each fist.

But on Sunday – and other mornings when she’s had a particularly good sleep — she woke up with a coo, rather than a wail. When I went to retrieve her, she stood up and waved cheerily at me, before presenting me with her bunny to snuggle. And here’s the weird part — she wasn’t hungry. We played in her room for a couple minutes. I changed her diaper, read her a book, and then finally asked her if she wouldn’t like some breakfast. She agreed that it was time and down we went.

What’s with that? How is it that she’s less hungry when she’s gone longer without food? Baffling. Maybe it’s just that she wants the comfort of breakfast when she’s been roused before she’s ready. Who knows. But it certainly made for a lovely morning.

2 responses to “Mmmm…. Sleep”

  1. Opa says:

    What could be more beautiful than a sleeping baby?

  2. Jimmer says:

    What could be more beautiful than a sleeping baby?

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