Peanut Butter and Jam Session

November 21st, 2009

Classical music flows through the veins of my mother’s family. My grandfather played viola in a professional quartet for many years and continues to perform with the Iowa State Symphony at the age of 89. All five of mom’s siblings grew up playing musical instruments (classical, of course. There was not a rock drum set to be seen) and I took many years of piano lessons.

So it goes without saying that when I heard about Chatham Baroque’s “Peanut Butter and Jam” concerts, I was pumped. Chatham Baroque is a classical trio that performs all over the world on period instruments. They’re cool. And, once a month, they host a special concert designed for preschool music lovers.

I finally made it to one of the PB&J; sessions today. The theme was “A Round is a Circle” and the emphasis was on rounds in music. The concert/class/jam session was led by a professional Kindermusik teacher and moved back and forth between interactive pieces (lots of singing of fun kid rounds) and short performances by the group.

It was terrific. The kids were well-behaved but free to wander the room, dance, sing, and stomp their feet. Which they did. With wild abandon. There was a huge basket of silk scarves that the kids (and some grownups. Like me.) grabbed to add to their artistic expressions.

The class lasted about 45 minutes and concluded with juice boxes and pretzels for the masses. Miss Mouse loved it. She really grooves to music and loves people, so the combination of a full room and great tunes were pure bliss. She wasn’t interested in sitting down and putting on her “listening ears” for the concert portions, but no one seemed to mind that she was cheerfully charging around in the back of the room.

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