Poor Choices

November 8th, 2009

It was my fault. I’ll admit that. I should have taken one look at the gigantic line snaking around the building and realized that it was no place for my Mouse. But the allure of the opportunity to tour the actual sets used to film Mr. Rogers Neighborhood was too strong and Miss Mouse, Aunt Meg, and I bravely joined the throng.

And once you’re in the throng, it’s hard to get out. It’s the old — “Well, I’ve been in this line for 20 minutes, I might as well stick it out.”

And then, “Well, I’ve been in this line for 40 minutes; leaving now would be ridiculous.”

Followed by, “My god, it’s been over an hour. I can see the entrance to the building. I can’t leave now!!”

All the while, poor Miss Mouse was getting more and more restless and objecting more and more strenuously to spending time in her stroller or my arms. What she wanted to be doing was practicing her increasingly competent walking skills. But by that point, the line was running along a sidewalk next to a busy road, so that plan was right out.

Finally, after an hour and a half, I admitted defeat. I had popped out of line to look ahead and it appeared that the “tour” was more line-standing as we crept along in front of the sets. Heck with that.

So we went home. Bleah.

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