A Christmas Rat Baby

December 26th, 2009

We’re in Chicago visiting my family for the holidays. We all staggered in throughout the day yesterday — the weather was nasty but we all made it. So today was our official Christmas celebration.

And I should say first off, before whining, that on the whole, my girl has been a trooper. She handled the flight well and has been charming friends and relations with her giggles and silly bow-legged waddle. My mom pulled out all the stops to welcome her granddaughter (pictures to come) and everyone is having a whee of a time.

That said, today we did have several cameo appearances from the Rat Baby. She kicked the day off at the soul-crushing hour of 4:30am. We’re talking Wide Awake and Ready for the Day. I was far less than ready to face the day.

She did admirably throughout the day until we made the fatal mistake of trying to match her dinner time to family dinner time so we could all have Christmas dinner together. But it took longer than expected and by the time we all sat down, she was exhausted, starving and super cranky. Nothing like a sobbing one year old who’s flinging food around to make for a nice family meal.

And for the piece de resistance at the end of the night? She pooped in the bathtub. Merry Christmas, love Miss Mouse!

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