Dollar Tree Stockings

December 11th, 2009

My family loves Christmas stockings. When I was growing up, Santa brought the stockings, and all other gifts were from mom and dad. When I got older, my parents kept up the stocking tradition. As I got older still, I started doing stockings for them.

A couple years ago, though, we all came to the realization that the “little nothings” we filled our stockings with were starting to add up to some serious bucks for frivolous things. The solution? Dollar Tree Stockings.

We set a $10 limit on our Christmas stockings and stipulate that all shopping *must* be done within the confines of your local dollar store. It was my mom’s idea and I was skeptical at first, but it turned out to be an absolute riot. Dollar stores are strange surreal places, but when forced to spend some quality time there, you can uncover all kinds of fun stuff! Books. Kitchen goodies. Christmas decorations so tacky they’re irresistible.

Yes, it’s mostly crap. But since you’re only out $10, who cares? The enjoyment of the hunt and opening the stockings together is worth that minimal price tag.

Today’s post is part of a “Frugal Friday” blog carnival hosted by FishMama over at Life as Mom. The topic of the day is $10 gifts. Check it out!

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