In Which Magic and Peer Pressure Both Play a Role

December 2nd, 2009

See that sippy cup? It doesn’t look like much, but it’s actually magic. How else to explain Miss Mouse’s sudden bewitchment by the two-handed drink dispenser?

I used to despair of ever getting enough milk into Miss Mouse as we removed her bottles because she didn’t actually seem to like drinking out of a cup. She liked throwing them across the room a lot, but actually consuming liquid from them? Not so much.

Until now.

Now she chugs milk, water, and juice with equal relish (well, no that’s not true — the juice gets the most relish, but only appears infrequently) and enjoys carrying the cup around the house with her so she can take periodic pulls. (I only let her do that with water because, despite their marketing claims, no sippy cup is actually spill-proof!.)

Most amazingly, my girl has given up her nighttime bottle. Of her own free will! It’s truly shocking. We had weaned her down slowly until only that last bottle remained, and I worried about how to separate her from it. I was sure I’d be pleading with her not to take it to college with her. But a week after the introduction of the Magic Sippy, she wants nothing to do with her bedtime bottle.

I suspect peer pressure probably also had something to do with this transformation. We discovered the magic sippy while visiting Josh’s friend. Their daughter Peyton had voluntarily given up bottles in favor of the sippy some time before, and I think she may have pressured Miss Mouse to do the same. Now I want to teach my girl to have a backbone, but this time I think I’ll refrain from hitting her with that old saying about jumping off bridges.

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