Maracas in the Morning

December 17th, 2009

This is Miss B, one of Miss Mouse’s teachers at day care.

Miss B is actually a teacher in one of the older classrooms, not Miss Mouse’s, but because of my girl’s crazy schedule (we arrive promptly at ten after six each morning), her regular teachers aren’t there when she shows up. So she spends the first hour of her day with Miss B and a handful of other kiddos of varying ages who also come early.

Miss Mouse loves Miss B. She is one of only two non-family members that I have seen Miss Mouse toddle over to and lift up her arms in a demand to be held. Seeing them together warms my heart and makes it so much easier for me to leave.

Miss Mouse has two favorite morning rituals. More on #1 another time. But #2 is picking out music to play. The classroom has a CD player and each morning, Mouse and B pick out one to play and dance to. Miss Mouse likes to be actively engaged in this process, and if Miss B should be so foolish as to head over to the CD player without her, my mouse goes charging after her at top speed and tugs on her pant leg.

Once acceptable music has been selected, it’s time to dance. And that is usually how I leave my girl, maraca in hand, practicing for a career in a mariachi band.

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