My Jesus or My Boyfriend

December 1st, 2009

My marriage to Josh has brought with it increased exposure to two types of music — Country and Contemporary Christian Rock. On the whole, I’ve got no beef with country music. I owned the obligatory Garth Brooks CD coming into the relationship and was even a genuine fan of a lesser known band called the Bellamy Brothers. I don’t care for the hillbilly sub stream of the genre (you know, the “my dog done left me and my trailer burned down” songs) but on the whole, country music is good stuff.

I’ve traditionally had more mixed feelings about Christian rock. My problem can best be explained by a preposition. I think it’s cool to love Jesus. I think it is in no way cool to be IN love with Jesus. See the difference?

Too many Christian songs fail to make that distinction, and some openly embrace the wayward preposition. Egad. A friend once referred to it as the “My Jesus or My Boyfriend” syndrome. Her theory was that if you could replace the name Jesus with the name of your boyfriend in the song without any appreciable shift in meaning, there was something wrong.

Happily, we’ve gotten a new national Christian radio station in town — KLove. I have no idea what the “K” is about, but they play good tunes and mostly avoid romantic overtures toward God.

And some Christian rock is pretty fabulous, sporting gorgeous melodies and lots of heart. I could listen to Toby Mac’s “City on Our Knees” an indefinite number of times, just to hear the progression on “to-night’s the night!” And the David Crowder band pours so much passion into the climax of “How He Loves” that it gives me goosebumps.

As for Rebecca St. James who croons “Jesus, I am so in love with you…” Well, that’s when I flip back to NPR.

3 responses to “My Jesus or My Boyfriend”

  1. Jon Ellegood says:

    I so wish KLOVE was there when we lived in Pittsburgh…we have it here in Michigan but when we lived in Pittsburgh all they had was a Christian radio station that only played music on Saturday afternoons-and even then it wasn't all that great.

  2. prettyisa says:

    Stephanie is totally creeped out by the country stalker song. You know the one–it even has a line about not being a stalker (which is exactly what one would say to try to get your guard down!). She makes me change the station every time it comes on…

  3. Beth says:

    I, too am a fan of KLove. I actually heard it once described on the station from a mother of a little girl that said "I know why it's called KLove, the K is for King because Jesus is the King and He loves us so much!" Who knows their actual reasoning, but what a great word of wisdom from the mouth of a babe!

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