Never Provoke a Snuggle-upagus

December 4th, 2009

The only drawback to having a Snuggle-upagus in the house is that if you try to end the snuggle session and, say, put the wee creature in a crib for bedtime, it may become enraged.

And you do not want to see an enraged Snuggle-upagus.

Poor Miss Mouse struggled with bedtime tonight. We read. We cuddled. We took many wee slurps from the sippy cup. We cuddled PJ. We cuddled the sippy cup. We whacked mommy on the head with the sippy cup (wait, that was just her). We did not want to go to sleep.

Eventually, I was forced to get firm — I put her in her bed with a smooch and walked out the door. Torrential tears ensued for the next fifteen minutes, but all is quiet now.

Sleep well, Snuggle-upagus.

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