One of those days

December 18th, 2009

I’m a stress eater. No, scratch that. It’s more that I am a comfort eater and when I feel the need to be comforted, food helps me through. So do Starbucks chai lattes. I don’t think they make lattes big enough for today, though. It was just one of those days.

By 9:00 am I’d been at work two hours and three things had already gone wrong. No, wait. Four. Nothing earth-shattering or fire-able, just wrong and irritating and time consuming on a day when I was busy.

So I headed to Starbucks. I was simultaneously mortified and somewhat uplifted when the barista knew my order before I said it. Apparently, I’ve become a regular.

The caffeine, sugar and spices perked me up and sent me bounding back to work with renewed spirits, but sadly the day wasn’t through with me yet. Josh and Ellie and I had an appointment for a family portrait, to which we were 20 minutes late because it took us 30 minutes to drive two miles from our house and find a parking spot. Stupid holiday rush at the mall.

Ellie wasn’t particularly cooperative throughout the shoot and then, although you’re supposed to be able to view your pictures in the store in about 20 minutes, after an hour of waiting, we gave up and headed home with an extraorindarily cranky baby who was up past her bedtime.

After we finally got her to bed, I turned my attention to a few baking projects in anticipation of our Christmas party for the church on Sunday.

On any other day, I would have had enough butter for my peppermint brownies. But today? On This Day? Yeah right. So I trundled out to the nearest convenience store.

As I whinge and whine, though, I must admit that it says something about the quality of my life if smudgy holiday cards (a work woe) and a missing stick of butter constitute a terrible horrible no good very bad day.

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