Portrait of a Mouse and a Tree

December 14th, 2009

Several people commented that the still accompanying the video of Miss Mouse and the tree made a great picture, so the next time she was admiring it, I grabbed the camera.
Tonight she planted herself in my lap and we inspected the ornaments together. She’d point to one and I would describe it — “that’s the angel grandpa and grandma brought back from Hawaii” or “that’s the school where mommy and daddy met.” Then we’d scoot around the tree a bit further and look at some more.

She continues to (mostly) show great reverence for the ornaments. Although I made the mistake of taking my donkey bell ornie from India off the tree to show her the noise it made, and now she desperately wants to do the same every time she sees it. I’ve moved it higher on the tree, safe from grabby little hands.

One response to “Portrait of a Mouse and a Tree”

  1. G'Mom says:

    One donkey bell on Grandma's tree – about to be moved to a higher location. Seemed like a good idea though – non breakable, Mouse friendly, nice sound…perfect ornament to hang at Baby Level.

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