Spicy Hot Tears

December 27th, 2009

Meal times are always a bit of a challenge when traveling. The usual arsenal of food options that we have our pantry stocked with at home is not necessarily available at Grandma and Grandpa’s, although my parents have done admirably in their attempt to anticipate Miss Mouse’s every need. (They’re awesome like that).

Weirdly enough, Miss Mouse’s favorite food of the trip so far is East India Mix — a homemade Chex mix that is strongly flavored with the heavy handed application of curry powder. She can’t get enough.

But babes cannot live on Chex mix alone and so tonight we brought out an old faithful — the beef and bean burrito.

Oddly enough, though, Miss Mouse didn’t do quite as well on it as she usually does. She’d take a few bites, then pause and burst into tears. What gives, kid? It wasn’t until halfway through the meal that we noticed the packaging on the burrito looked a wee bit different…

It was the spicy version of her favorite food. I tasted a bite and it had quite a kick. Poor, baby!! To her credit, she ate about three quarters of it and then we cooled her down with a big bowl of applesauce.

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