Sugar Whirlwinds

December 19th, 2009

Whew. Today was a whirlwind of activity, much of it involving sugar. I was on a mad baking kick in preparation for our Christmas Party tomorrow. Chocolate peanut butter bites? Check. Fudge? Check. Zesty bean roll-ups? Check. Minty brownies? Check.
I spent much of the day in the kitchen, pausing briefly after lunch to bundle the Mouse up and go play in the snow (pictures forthcoming). This remarkable culinary feat was made possible by the presence of my stalwart husband and the indefatigable Aunt Meg who entertained said Mouse.

We did let her participate in some of the cookie frosting.

Man. Cookie decorating really takes it out of you.

The day was complicated somewhat by the fact that there was a water main issue and we had no running water for several hours. On the plus side, I took a plate of cookies out to the nice water-fixing guys in our front yard and I think I can say with confidence that I made their day.

And, finally, there was the dog. At one point, he slunk into the nursery as I was changing Miss Mouse, adorned as below:

That’s a baby clothing hanger. Around his neck. How did it get there, you ask? It was in the garbage can in the kitchen. As was his head as he rooted around for something. Ridiculous creature.

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