Tents, Reindeer, and Baby Jesus

December 30th, 2009

When we hit the airport yesterday on our way home, Miss Mouse treated us (and several hundred nearby travelers) to a pretty impressive display of baby angst. At one point in the security line, she was actually sprawled out on the floor, shrieking.

But really, who can blame her for not wanting to leave Grandpa and Grandma’s? My parents adore their only grandchild and lavish affection (and gifts) upon her. In preparation for our arrival, they went all out – installing baby latches, borrowing gear, buying a car seat, and stocking the house with fun baby activities.

Behold the awesome tent-with-tunnel setup that graced the sun room. What could be more fun than playing peek-a-boo in there?

And then there’s Remington the Reindeer, who was not actually purchased for the enjoyment of Miss Mouse, but who gallantly consented to being clambered upon.

But the crowning glory — the item which pretty much single handedly ensured a happy baby throughout our stay — was the Fisher Price Little People nativity. It had it all — sheep, donkeys, kings, stable, angel, camels, tents, palm trees. Even a dog. There were about thirty pieces in all, including the backdrops, and Miss Mouse delighted in methodically moving the whole lot of them from one spot to another.

One by one, the menagerie marched from the coffee table to the couch. Then to dining room chair. Then mommy’s lap. And, repeat! I kid you not, she spent hours at this game, frequently playing by herself, totally immersed in the activity.

The nativity set, though, goes where grandma goes. It did not come home with us, but will live with Grandpa and Grandma and come to visit whenever seasonally appropriate, thus making it “brand new” each time in the eyes of a small person.

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