The Parade Wave

December 31st, 2009

Grocery shopping with Miss Mouse is one of my favorite past times.* I happen to love grocery shopping anyways. I’m not a bargain whiz, but there is something really satisfying about finding a good deal on good food and coming home to stock up your pantry.

Having Miss Mouse along for the ride gives me someone to talk to and I just love to watch her interact with other patrons. She is a one woman welcome wagon. Every person who crosses her line of vision is greeted with a dazzling smile, an enthusiastic “huh!” (which is frequently mistaken for a “hi”), and some frenetic arm waving.

I defy you to resist smiling back at that child when she turns the full force of her sparkle on you.

Not everyone loves grocery shopping as much as I do, and we encounter a fair number of haggard souls wandering the isles. I can see how much it brightens their day to be the recipient of Miss Mouse’s parade wave and cheery greetings. Way to go, Mouse!

*I should add the caveat that this is only true when The Mouse is in a good mood. Let me tell you, as one who knows, that you do not want to take a Rat Baby shopping with you. Ever. She once nearly killed herself because she flailed so much in the front of the cart that she jerked loose and came perilously close to crashing to the floor. But I digress…

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