Timing is Everything

December 29th, 2009

What happens when you forget that you’ve changed time zones in the course of the day’s travel home from Grandpa and Grandma’s?

Well, for one thing, your daughter objects strenuously to being put to bed at 7pm. Because, after all, it’s only 6pm her time.

You acknowledge that she has a point and let her play with her toys for another half an hour.

She still doesn’t want to go to bed.

You sigh with resignation, realizing your dreams of watching A Christmas Story with your husband have flown out the window, given that you have to work tomorrow which means a 5am wake up. (On the plus side, you assume that the work dress code is totally out the window on the Wednesday before New Year’s, as you will be one of only 3 people in the office, and you plan to wear jeans.)

At 8:15, you finally put your still-resisting offspring to bed and march firmly from the room, expecting shrieks and tears and further protest. To your surprise, silence reigns.

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