You want to hang a what on my Christmas tree?

December 5th, 2009

One of the challenges of marriage is meshing together divergent holiday traditions. Especially if you (like I) come from a family with strong traditions. Beloved traditions. Iron-clad traditions, even. I mean, my family loves our traditions so much that about seventeen years ago, my mother and her sisters wrote a book together about them (more about that another time).

Suffice to say I have Opinions about How Christmas Should Be Done. But so does Josh. Which is cool and it’s something I love about him, but it can definitely make for some interesting clashes. Like when we decorate the Christmas tree.

My family has had an artificial tree for years. Josh is a real-tree purist (although this year we did crack and buy an awesome fake one). Josh’s family puts shiny garlands on their trees. I think the stuff is obnoxious because it hides the ornaments. For years, my family topped our tree with a beautiful wax-faced angel. Josh would not consider putting one on any tree in his house. He brought some ornaments to the marriage that I try to hide on the back of the tree. He, in turn, looks with disdain upon some of my sillier ones.

But we squabble and laugh and eventually the tree gets decorated. And it looks beautiful. I would photograph it and post a picture but they inevitably fail to capture the magic of a glowing tree. So use your imagination.

One response to “You want to hang a what on my Christmas tree?”

  1. prettyisa says:

    yeah. Steph has a lot of christmas ornaments from when she was little and her family gave her all cat ornaments. I hate cat ornaments. Of course, she has to put up with all of my flamingo ornaments, so I suppose there's some equality at least. I say put garland on but nestle it firmly into the branches so you only see hints of it rather than having it out by the edges where it takes over the tree.

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