A Joyful Noise

January 16th, 2010

We were down in West Virginia for a quickie visit with the in-laws this weekend. My mother-in-law was very excited about a gift she’d bought for Miss Mouse, but prefaced its presentation with a disclaimer of: “I hope it’s okay that I bought this for her.”

Eek. Nothing like a statement like that to make you nervous. Was I going to have to feign delight at some sort of monstrously inappropriate gift?

To my very happy surprise, the contents of the box were a set of color-coded kid hand bells. Nancy was concerned about the noise they’d make, but I’ll take that kind of noise over an irritating battery-operated toy Any Day of the Week.

The bells are great, spanning one octave and coming complete with a sheet of a few tunes to play. Miss Mouse got the hang of them quite quickly and marched around the living room, ringing her bells purposefully. She also organized the family into a hand bell choir by distributing her bells to various aunts and uncles in the vicinity.

The only dark spot came when she walked over to me and clobbered me (purposefully) on the head with a blue “B” bell. Holy shark bites that hurt. The girl doesn’t check her swing at all, and it’s shocking how much force she can get behind a blow.

But apart from this one minor setback, the bells were a hit. They make a nice clear chime and I envision much fun to be had with them!

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  1. G'Mom says:

    Cool! I wonder how soon she'll be able to play tunes?

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