A Love Triangle

January 14th, 2010

I think it’s endlessly cute that Miss Mouse is so fond of her stuffed bunny, PJ. She carries him around the house and snuggles him at night. But I fear that this attachment could lead to problems if she starts wanting to take him out of the house. Even inside, there are dangers. Just the other night, we nearly lost him at bedtime, only to discover him hidden in the potholder drawer in the kitchen. And bedtime without PJ would be a frightening thing.

And so I had A Great Idea. I would help Miss Mouse bond with her new baby doll, in the hopes that PJ could be her sleeping buddy and baby could be her “play with during the day” buddy.

I dutifully tucked baby into bed with Miss Mouse for several nights, to help them get to know each other. And the plan worked perfectly. Miss Mouse is now a huge fan of baby.

The problem is, her attachment to PJ has not lessened. Now, she wants to sleep with them both and carry them both around the house with her. Ooops. In the mornings, I go in to pick her up and she immediately squirms and fusses until I pick up both wee friends so they can accompany her downstairs for breakfast.

Part of me wants to try introducing a third stuffed friend. I mean, she’s only got two arms to hold things in, right? But a bigger part of me fears what will happen if I indulge that whim!

3 responses to “A Love Triangle”

  1. prettyisa says:

    DON'T DO IT. A good friend of mine who shall remain nameless (and is not Stephanie) has at least THIRTEEN special stuffed animal friends that she has had since childhood. All of them must be tucked in carefully and cannot be tossed to the floor, slept on, or otherwise disrespected. She's 27 and has had several long-term boyfriends, which only goes to show how absolutely cool a person she is, since I know I would have a hard time overlooking that in a partner. Nevertheless, I can't recommend it for your Mouse.

  2. Jo says:

    Can you find a second PJ? My friends found replacement doggy friends so their now two-year-old can always find one to carry around. But he doesn't need more than one to calm him down.

  3. Jo says:

    But they have to be exactly the same.

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