Attention Span

January 27th, 2010

Sometimes, Miss Mouse seems like she has the attention span of a flee. In the course of five minutes, she can take out every one of her toys, play with each one for a nanosecond, and then look around like she’s bored. (It drives me nuts, by the way.)

And then, on the other hand, if something really catches her attention, she can devote herself to it entirely for a surprisingly long period of time.

Like tonight, when she spent fifteen minutes quietly turning the pages of one of her favorite books (“It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny”). I’d read it to her three or four times already, and then she took it out of my hands, settled in on the couch, and happily flipped through. Again and again and again. She’s not great at page turning, so most of the time she only managed the front cover, the middle of the book, and the end, but that didn’t seem to bother her at all. Any time she managed by chance to open to another page, she was thrilled!

Shortly thereafter, the name of the game was Dress Up. She got her hands on one of my button-up work shirts and was flinging it around. Someone had the idea to drape it over her shoulders like a cape. Oh my. There’s a half an hour of entertainment right there.
We’d get her wrapped up, then she’d charge across the room with her silly bow-legged run, until the shirt fell off. Then she’d gather it back up, charge back to grandpa, and stand expectantly until he wrapped her up again.




And one more time. Repeat.

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