Dog and Babe Update

January 5th, 2010

Well, Miss Mouse and Riley seem to have settled in pretty well together. He has become resigned to the fact that she’s here to stay, and for her part, Miss Mouse adores him. She has recently learned that dogs say “woof woof” and now she woofs along with him when he barks.

I do have to still keep an eye on them, though. Riley continues to show no signs of developing depth perception and remains utterly unaware of how much space he takes up. The result is that he regularly body checks her (I assume inadvertently) when he gets excited, or just passes by her too quickly. She took a hindquarter to the chest today and fell flat on her butt.

But don’t pity her too much. These days, Miss Mouse lives to antagonize the poor furball. This weekend I had to curtail an energetic game of “pelt the doggie” as she flung her Fisher Price Noah’s Ark animals at his head, one by one.

And yesterday, I caught her trying to stomp on his tail. She’d sidle up beside him in the kitchen, then very deliberately lift her wee foot and try to bring it down on his wagging tail. Fortunately, the combination of the moving target and her still-unsteady balance rendered him safe.

Occasionally, I do egg her on, though. Saturday afternoon we both did our level best to bury the long-suffering canine in a pile of play fabrics. He just sighed, as if to say such frivolity was so beneath him, but it is dificult to appear dignified when covered in a mound of sparkly cloth…

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