Getting Crazy Again

January 31st, 2010

When I lived in India, one of the skills I picked up (along with how to wrap a sari, how to start a wood-burning stove, and how to ride side-saddle on a motorcycle) was the art of crazy quilting. My mom’s a traditional quilter, but for some reason, our artistic brains are wired differently. I cannot cut, draw, or stitch a straight line to save my life and so I revel in the freedom of crazy quilting. All that randomness makes my mother twitch. A lot.

In any case, once I learned, crazy quilting became my new passion and I embarked on several large wall-hanging projects for my house, intending to do one for each season. I made it through Fall, Summer, and Easter before Miss Mouse arrived.

At which point, all my creative energy was zapped. Just like that. Gone.

Between barely having time to shower, and finding myself bogged down in a project I no longer loved but wasn’t wiling to set aside, my quilting stalled out for a while.
But I have finally re-energized myself, motivated by the fact that I have sworn to make a stocking for Miss Mouse in time for Christmas this year as she will, presumably, be ready to meet Santa in earnest this holiday season.

And so, behold. The beginnings of a stocking. So far, I’ve just pieced it out. That’s the simple part. It’s like preparing the canvass before you paint. Now comes the fun part when I get to fill the canvas with beads and designs and sparkly threads. Wish me luck!

One response to “Getting Crazy Again”

  1. G'Mom says:

    Yeah, but I can almost do it if I have a foundation pattern that tells me what size to make the "random" fabric pieces. And I might need a book with pictures of ideas for the embellishments. And,I have actually done it once….but only once.

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