Of Muggles and Wands and Guys Named Jim

January 17th, 2010

I don’t remember exactly when, but somewhere along the line, I became enamored of books on tape. I love to read myself, of course, but there’s something magical about hearing a good story told aloud. In part, I think, it’s because I read so quickly when I’m really into a book that I sometimes read too fast and miss things. Hearing the book forces me to go at the narrator’s pace and can enhance the experience.

Josh is less enthusiastic about books on tape for some reason. But the point at which we are in complete agreement is the Harry Potter books read by Jim Dale. They’re awesome. Dale has won a number of awards for the amazing things he can do with his voice — he produces a staggering number of distinct voices for the HP books and brings the story vividly to life.

We own a number of the books on CD and listen to them while we drive long distances. We were working our way through the latter half of Book #7 on the drive to West Virginia this weekend. We didn’t finish it, though, but we’re both enjoying it so much that we’ve been listening to it at home, too.

This evening and last, we settled onto the couch in the living room and listened as the Battle of Hogwarts unfolded. I worked on a crazy quilt project that had lain untouched since Miss Mouse’s birth, and Josh just listened. It was a lovely (and TV-free, I might add) evening.

We still have several chapters to go and I can’t wait to keep listening tomorrow.

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