Reading a Cookbook is Still Reading

January 2nd, 2010

Miss Mouse continues to be an avid reader. At the moment, her favorite book is one of my baby food cookbooks. In one of her daily games of “ransack Mommy’s kitchen bookshelf” she came across Anabel Karmel’s First Meals and fell in love.

She is specifically enchanted by all the pictures of babies throughout the book. The Mouseling has learned to identify and say “baby,” and now she relishes the opportunity to do so.

And so we sit for many a minute, flipping through the pages of the cookbook so she can gleefully point out all the small people, squeaking happily each time.

If I’m busy doing something else, she’ll look through by herself, although that isn’t quite as fun for her because she doesn’t have great dexterity and tends to miss most of the pictures by turning half the book at once.

One response to “Reading a Cookbook is Still Reading”

  1. G'Mom says:

    But of course! Miss Mouse comes from a long line of Women Who Love Cookbooks.

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