January 18th, 2010

Miss Mouse had her 15 month well-baby checkup today. She passed with flying colors, including an admirable show of fortitude as she received her FIVE shots. Egad. I think I would have cried more than she did.

However, one of the developmental milestones that the doctor asked about was whether Miss Mouse knows how to use a spoon…

…to which I had to sheepishly reply that I had no idea. I’ve never let her try!

She rarely shows much desire to appropriate the spoon from me when I’m feeding her yogurt or oatmeal, and I was never really in the mood for a phenomenal mess, so I just never gave it to her.

But apparently now is the time to start down the path to utensils, so at dinner, I let her take a stab at spoon use as she ate her Squapple.* It actually went remarkably well. I figured baby steps are the name of the game and so I put the mush on the spoon and handed it to her; she’d stuff it in her mouth (often after squashing some up her nose by mistake) and then give it back.

She’s a natural. Next we’re going to try steak knives. (Just kidding).

*Squapple is a homemade mixture of equal parts butternut squash puree and applesauce. It’s a bit more nutritious than straight applesauce and Miss Mouse loves it.

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