Toddlers Don’t Like Showers

January 9th, 2010

Ever have one of those ideas that seems like a stroke of genius, but in fact isn’t anything remotely like that? Yeah, me too. Such it was today with my “take Miss Mouse in the shower with me” plan.

It seemed so reasonable. Josh was sleeping in a bit and I wanted to take Miss Mouse over to the play area at the mall. My hair looked like a large bird had been camping in it and I thought to myself: “Hey, Miss Mouse likes baths. I’ll just bring her in the shower with me and she can play with her toys at my feet while I quick wash my hair…”

Very bad idea.

Poor wee Mouse was absolutely terrified of the shower. Petrified. Horrified. Shrieking and shaking with fear. I leaped out and soothed her, feeling somehow less good at it than I usually am (I suspect the nudity had something to do with it — it’s hard to feel totally in control while stark naked).

Then, still determined to wash my hair, I drew a bath for us to share. She was so traumatized by the shower, though, that it took some doing to get her into the bath. But she finally warmed up to it.

Once we were done splashing around, I had another good idea. This time, it was to just plop her out of the bath on the floor, towel her off, and let her play with her toys in the bathroom (the door was shut) while I washed my hair.

She, of course, took two steps, slipped on the damp floor, fell and bonked her head, and the hysterics began again.

I wore a bandanna to the mall.

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