Tornado in the Kitchen

January 19th, 2010

I do most (okay, all) of the cooking at our house and I also do most (but not all) of the kitchen cleanup. This violates the order of the universe that I grew up with, which stated clearly that She Who Cooks Does Not Clean Up. But there are two good reasons for why the division of labor exists as it does at our house.

#1 — The kitchen is pretty much the only area that I clean. Josh does the rest. I pick up my things and do my laundry (and Ellie’s), but that’s pretty much it. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve cleaned a toilet in my life, and it’s never happened in this house. I couldn’t tell you where Josh stores the vacuum cleaner. And as for higher level acts of cleanliness like floor mopping? Surely you jest. So it seems only fair that I stake a claim on the kitchen.

#2 — Perhaps just as important as the above is the fact that I make an unholy mess in the kitchen when I cook. It’s just cruel to make anyone else clean up after me. I’m not quite sure how it happens. It’s not like I try to be messy. But somehow, even simple meals wind up dirtying every dish I own and spattering mystery foods all over the kitchen.

Don’t believe me? Check out these photographs, taken an hour ago after dinner tonight. Let me note that the kitchen was mostly clean this morning. Please be advised that these photographs are not for the faint of heart.

Pretty scary, huh? I would like to say a few words in my own defense. Tonight’s dinner was somewhat complicated (Chicken Tenders, Veggie Fritters, and Roasted Brussels Sprouts) and involved chopping a whole lot of vegetables and also required that I use the food processor, two baking sheets, and two burners on the stove.

Also, I blame Miss Mouse for the mess on the center island (bottom picture). That’s what the table usually ends up looking like by the end of dinner, after I’ve trotted out half a dozen different foods in an attempt to get her to eat. It often leaves quite a trail of debris.

One response to “Tornado in the Kitchen”

  1. prettyisa says:

    I've never understood how people can manage to have a perfectly clean kitchen while they're in the midst of cooking. Mine always looks like yours after I'm done. Which Steph resents, since we do have the She Who Cooks rule in force…

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