An Update

February 9th, 2010

A stream of consciousness ramble from Yours Truly.

It’s 8:52 am. I’m at work — it took me an hour and a half (usually takes 35 minutes). The roads suck and people are dumb. Sigh.

Speaking of dumb people, I just got off the phone with the electric company who says they “hope” to have our power back tomorrow. Seriously?? TOMORROW??? As in, five days after it went off?

Oh, and we’re supposed to get up to another foot of snow today and tomorrow. So the odds of the power truck coming are… Anybody? Anybody?

Miss Mouse has an ear infection and isn’t sleeping well. The last two nights, she’s woken shrieking at about 9:30 and spent the rest of the night in bed with me. Let’s just say that this is not an ideal sleeping arrangement for me. That silly creature turns like an egg beater in her sleep. She twists. She turns. She kicks. She takes up way more space than anything weighing 23 pounds should because she always winds up perpendicular to me.

On the other hand, she also burrows up next to me, hold my shirt in her fist, and is about the cutest thing in the universe. So there’s that.

She’s also been on Super Good Baby Behavior throughout our adventure of staying at the neighbors. Seriously, the Rat Baby has made virtually no appearances. She did throw a small tantrum this morning, sparked by (get this) the fact that she couldn’t have more of her Amoxicillin. She slurped up her dose, clapped her hands for more, and then was furious when it wasn’t forthcoming.

And now, a short poem.

Mouse is sick
Roads are slick
Pittsburgh weather, ick ick ick

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  1. LissaRae84 says:

    That is a beautiful poem Kate. It brought a tear to my eye…..

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