Be My Valentine

February 16th, 2010

There she is, my Valentine sweetie. Looking particular smoochable with her dashing new haircut, compliments of Salon de Mom. I think did a bang-up job (if you’ll pardon the pun). And the checked dress? Yes, please!

If you’ll look closely — or not that closely, really — at the second photo, you’ll see a line above her left eye. That is her battle wound from her first major fall. At church on Sunday, I was striving to photograph my wee Valentine. She was resisting. I set her on the couch. She leaped off…

…catching her forehead squarely on the edge of a honking marble coffee table lurking nearby.

Oh My God. Tears. Squawks. Head dents. It wasn’t pretty. We spent the rest of the afternoon watching her for symptoms of concussion, but she apparently has a pretty hard head and there was no sign of lasting damage.

One response to “Be My Valentine”

  1. Jon says:

    We spent last Friday watching for signs of a concussion as Caleb decided it would be an awesome idea to travel head first down our front steps (all 8 of them). Squawking, screams, and many tears followed after that event as well. Now we have a lovely baby gate at the top of our stairs!

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