February 19th, 2010

Over the past week, Miss Mouse has had some bad habits to unlearn, following our week of urban camping. Let’s just say that the rules regarding bedtime and sleeping were somewhat relaxed while we were homeless. Miss Mouse enjoyed such luxuries as being rocked to sleep every night and, when she woke up in the night, snuggling up in bed with Mom for the duration of the night.

She was living the good life. But then we came home, and the good times were over.

We gave her a one day grace period, but then it was time to start getting back into a routine. Man, was she mad. She was still waking up several times a night which wasn’t fun for anyone. We quickly determined that the heart of the issue was bedtime.

So, one night, I sucked it up, put her in her crib, and walked out the door. Sadly, I caught a look at her face before I left and it may haunt me the rest of my life. The betrayal etched there was heart-rending.

But, happily, the waterworks only lasted a couple minutes that night and a few minutes the next night. By last night, I set her down in her crib and gave her a smooch and she grinned up at me and waved “buh-bye” as I walked out the door.

Whew. All is well with the world again.

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