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February 25th, 2010

I am a multi-tasker. It’s what I do. I quilt while I watch TV and talk on the phone while I drive (causing my mother great anxiety until my folks bought me a GPS with hands-free). As a mother, I can operate a credit swipe pad at the grocery store while entertaining a toddler in a grocery cart. And I will confess to having read a board book to my child while using the restroom. Yup, I can read aloud and pee at the same time.


As a mother, I’m trying hard not to multi-task my daughter’s childhood away. Because I think it could be remarkably easy to do. I don’t want to be so busy doing ten things at once that I don’t appreciate the individual moments. And so I make a conscious effort to be present in the moment with her.

Like tonight. Tonight I had/have a million things to do in advance of heading to Florida tomorrow afternoon. I needed to bake a quiche so Mouse would have something to eat this weekend, pack my suitcase, clean the kitchen, iron one of my outfits, and sneak in a phone call to a dear friend in California.

I was tempted to knock the quiche out right before dinner and let Miss Mouse entertain herself with the potholders in the kitchen. But she seemed to want to interact more with me and I decided that playing “this little piggie” with her toes for twenty minutes was more important than getting the quiche done before she went to bed.

We had a great time together — with daddy chiming in and playing along — and after she went to bed, I flew into preparation mode. I even managed to talk to my friend using the magic of bluetooth while baking a vegetable quiche. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go pack my suitcase while brushing my teeth.

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