Morning Routines

February 3rd, 2010

Miss Mouse is nothing if not a creature of habit. She recognizes and adheres to routines with amazing rapidity. Do something the same way twice and be prepared for that to be The New Way which is now set in stone.

The mouseling has several important routines at day care in the morning. Upon arrival, we wash her hands. If I forget that this is the first item on the agenda, she helpfully takes up a post by the sink and grunts imperiously at me until I come over to help her up onto the stool.

Then, she and her teacher select music to play and rock out with various shakers and rattles.

I learned this morning of another routine that takes place later in the morning — Crackers with Rebecca. Rebecca is a slightly older baby who has apparently taken a shine to Miss Mouse. Each morning, Rebecca arrives with her mother with a bag of crackers in hand.

According to Miss Mouse’s teacher, each day, once she sees that Miss Mouse is there, Rebecca turns to her mother and says “Crackers, Miss Mouse?” At which point, she receives an extra bag of crackers and the two girls sit down at the table together for a morning snack. Every Day. Without Fail. (Except Monday when Miss Mouse came to school late, much to the consternation of poor Rebecca who was very sad not to see her cracker buddy.)

Apparently, Miss Mouse isn’t the only one who likes her routines Just So!

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