Mostly Non-Violent Protest

February 5th, 2010

Miss Mouse has decided to take up a political cause. She is currently protesting the continued use of that most-inhumane of devices: the high chair. Her cruel parents insist on attempting to restrain her in this abomination several times a day, but our heroine is fighting the good fight.


I don’t really know how it started. I suspect the Mouse’s fixation on routine has something to do with it. There were a couple times where she fussed at being strapped in so I’d let her eat breakfast on my lap. Big Mistake. For the last couple days, she has vehemently objected to eating in the high chair.

We’re talking screaming, food flinging, snot-dripping-down-your-beet-red-face hysterics. It’s actually been pretty alarming. Two nights ago we gave up and just took her out, after which she deigned to eat several handfuls of pretzels in the midst of careening around the living room. Yesterday morning, I caved and let her sit in my lap, from whence she proceeded to mooch half my bowl of Cheerios.

But last night I was having none of it. We compromised by digging out her travel booster seat and pulling it up to the table. She responded initially with screams of protest and many handfuls of food flung to the ground (much to the dog’s delight).

We calmly ate our dinner, pretending to be oblivious to the whirlwind in the booster seat. And darned if she didn’t eventually calm down. Granted she still only consented to eat cornbread for dinner and started to fuss whenever anything else was offered. But I’ll take that as progress.

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