My Weekend

February 7th, 2010

A few numbers that are illustrative of my weekend thus far.

24 — inches of snow we got Friday night.

45 (and counting) — hours our home has been without power.

34 — temperature in our living room at last check (no, we’re not staying there. We’re at the neighbors’).

27 — hours after the snow had completely stopped that it took the snow plow to get to our street.

3 responses to “My Weekend”

  1. Jo says:

    Kate, I bet you wish you had a wood-burning stove at home to show off your skills. Hope the power comes back soon, but at least you have experience living by candlelight. Sometimes I miss reading by candlelight before going to sleep (I block out the 40-degree bedroom and lukewarm shower in the morning).

  2. prettyisa says:

    Yeesh. I hope they get it all sorted out soon! On the up side, I bet your youngun makes a mean snow angel…

  3. Beth says:

    And I was whinning about our "blizzard" yesterday… Sometimes things just have to be put into perspective. Unfortunatly for you, you are the perspective this time.

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