The Daring Escape

February 10th, 2010

Irony (n): A power failure at the swanky hotel to which you and your family fled in an attempt to escape the interminable lack of electricity at your own home.

Happily, one of many differences between the Embassy Suites and Our House is that the former has an excellent backup power grid so we were only in the dark for about ten minutes as opposed to the…let’s see…116 hours that we’re going on at home.

But let me back up.

Yesterday afternoon, after three days of staying with our neighbors, we needed to get out. They’re lovely people who will occupy a special suite in heaven for opening their doors to us for what was supposed to be “a couple hours so you can warm up” Saturday afternoon. But you can only take so much close proximity with people you don’t know, and I lived in constant fear that they were really tired of us.

So we booked a hotel room. If we’d had the proper soundtrack, our departure could really have been quite exciting. More snow was on its way, and my work had sent everyone home early. I met up with Josh, packed some things, grabbed the dog, and we headed up the street…

…right as the snow arrived. There was a fine layer down and it was touch and go with much tire spinning before we made it up the hill. From there, we retrieved Miss Mouse and checked into the Embassy Suites.

That’s where we are now. Miss Mouse likes the swimming pool. I like the free hot breakfast. Josh likes the fact that the only people living with him are his family. Only Riley is sad, missing our neighbors’ two feisty dogs.

But tomorrow we press on again. Two nights is about all we can afford here. Theoretically, the power should be fixed by tomorrow night, but if not, we’ve got an offer to stay at a friend’s house. Stay tuned…

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