The Fridge

February 15th, 2010

The one good thing about losing power in the winter is that your food is less likely to go bad. We managed to salvage pretty much everything in our big chest freezer in the garage, which was a blessing. Something went bad in my fridge though, and in somewhat frenetic over-response, I opted to chuck everything and begin again.

Once I got all the food out, I realized how nasty the refrigerator was, and gave it a thorough scrubbing (to the amazement of my husband, who claimed not to know I was aware of the location of cleaning products).

As I went through, chucking and cleaning, I kept a running list of items that needed to be replaced immediately.

And you know what? That list wasn’t very long. We had a whole lot of totally random food in our fridge. Miscellaneous half-used jars of condiments. A jar of pickles (which we don’t eat) left over from a cook-out when we felt we would be poor hosts if we didn’t provide pickles to go with burgers. A very old and very frozen block of cheese.

A lot of it probably should have been thrown away months ago. Talk about wasteful. I’m bad like that. If a recipe calls for an ingredient, I buy it, even if I only need a teaspoon out of a gallon container, and I know I’ll never use it for anything else. Then it sits quietly in the fridge until I finally acknowledge that it’s beyond salvage and throw it away.

One response to “The Fridge”

  1. prettyisa says:

    Matching projects! I spent most of Sunday cleaning out our fridge (and cleaning the one upstairs) so we could move. And yes, there were lots of weird, frost-bitten things in there that I'm still not really sure what were. All in all it took about 2 1/2 hours, which is half as long as Steph spent detailing the stove with toothpicks and q-tips. She's taken to calling it her cadillac…

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