The Growth Curve

February 22nd, 2010

Why, oh why did nobody warn me that my child would abruptly stop growing shortly after her first birthday?

In her first year of life, Miss Mouse blew through clothing sizes at an alarming rate. It was not unusual for her to only get one or to wears out of an outfit before the legs were too short, the neck too tight, or the fabric stretching from neck to crotch insufficient in length.

Several weeks before her first birthday, Miss Mouse was firmly entrenched in size 18 month clothing. Assuming (I think reasonably!) that she would keep growing like a weed, I suggested to any would-be gift buyers that they lean toward the next size up, lest their gifts go under-worn.

And now, here we are, four months later, and the child is still firmly entrenched in size 18 month clothing. A beautiful wardrobe rotation of fabulous sweaters, fleecey things, and corduroy pants languishes in her closet, comically too big, as I nervously eye the calendar and count the weeks til Spring.

I have serious fears that she won’t grow into some of those outfits before the weather renders them inappropriate. And for someone who loves clothes and lives out her fashion dreams vicariously through her offspring, this is a sad sad realization.

One response to “The Growth Curve”

  1. prettyisa says:

    Just wait til August! Air conditioning calls firmly for cords and sweaters, if you ask me…

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