Bumping Off Bunnies

March 8th, 2010

Boy am I glad that modern day pregnancy tests no longer require the sacrifice of a long-eared hoppy creature. I would have been responsible for some major bunny carnage as it took five (yes, five) pregnancy tests before I was convinced that we’re expecting our second child.

I always imagined that pregnancy tests were pretty clear cut. Either that second pink line appears or it doesn’t. Such is not the case.

Back a couple months ago, we were eagerly awaiting the moment when we could find out if our family was expanding. It was a wee bit early, but other indicators appeared to be present (though the main indicator was probably food poisoning, in retrospect) so I went ahead and took a test.

It appeared to me to be negative, so I tossed it and broke the bad news to Josh. About an hour later, he took out the trash, “happened” to look at the stick and thought he saw a faint second line. Much squinting ensued but we couldn’t be sure, and it had been “curing” too long anyways.

So we waited a couple days.

And took another ambiguous test. And another one. And then another one.

Each time, we were more certain that the second line was present, but not quite certain enough to break out the champagne and call the family. Finally, the fifth test was conclusive.

Happily, no rabbits were harmed during this exercise in impatient neuroses.

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  1. Jo says:

    Yay, yay, yay! Congrats!

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