Corned Beef Coma

March 18th, 2010

I ate too much corned beef yesterday. And while I appreciate the value of taking responsibility for one’s actions, I ultimately blame my husband for this over-indulgence.

I love corned beef. Josh hates it. Thus I have not cooked it for myself in low these many three and a half years. So when the cook at the Soup Kitchen at work decided to make St. Patty’s day into a special occasion…I went a bit overboard.

It started out innocently enough with a small plateful as a “taste” early in the day as we were adorning the walls of the dining room with Shamrocks and putting out green tablecloths.

Then there was lunch itself — we had tasty rye bread that transformed into a delicious corned beef sandwich (with mustard. Ahhhh).

I think I probably would have been fine, had it ended there. But at the end of the lunch hour, there was some extra corned beef gazing seductively at me from the kitchen. And so I may have made myself a second big sandwich…

And that’s a lot of corned beef.

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