Dead Fish

March 4th, 2010

Oh, lord help me. My child woke up smelling like dead fish this morning.

Josh was actually the one to first be greeted by the odor as he was uncharacteristically awake at 5am (en route to a babysitting gig at his aunt’s). He woke up Miss Mouse and then brought her into the bedroom, looking sort of stunned, to inform me that her bedroom smelled bed. Then we sniffed her and realized the source of the stench was actually my dear child herself.

Then we spent time deciding how best to describe the smell. Dead fish? Not enough. Three day old dead fish? More. Three day old dead fish that’s been out in the sun? Now we’re getting close. Seriously, she was rank.

But the weird thing was, when I changed her diaper, the diaper itself just smelled a bit like pee (which is normal), not dead fish. So from whence came the stench? It remains a mystery.

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