Familial Stranger Danger

March 23rd, 2010

Miss Mouse has entered a bit of a “stranger danger” phase – she’s less comfortable interacting with unknown people than she used to be. Unfortunately, “unknown people” can include family members, if they aren’t around all that much.

Take Josh’s poor Uncle Ray. He was visiting the other day and made the mistake of coming up the stairs into the house. Yes, this menacing act was too much for my daughter who responded with hysterical shrieks, tears, and a credible attempt at burrowing into her father’s chest.

What gives, kid?

So it was with some trepidation that I anticipated my parent’s arrival in town Sunday night. Miss Mouse has spent considerably more time with them than with Josh’s uncle, but it had been about a month and a half since their last visit. Who knew how she might react?

We decided to wait out in the yard as the time of arrival drew nigh and Miss Mouse busily collected acorn tops (and, unfortunately, some deer pellets — they look remarkably similar) to pass the time.

When the van pulled into the driveway, she retreated to the safety of my lap…

…but then she saw grandpa. Oh joy! Oh bliss! She went tearing across the yard, arms up. Miss Mouse has always adored my father. She eyed my mom with a bit of suspicion initially, but within about 10 seconds was happily being hugged and kissed by all family members present.


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